Semi-Professional Face Paint Set with Resealable Jars (Paints up to 100 Faces) Includes Pink, Brown, Magenta and 9 Vibrant Colors, Gold And Silver Glitter, Brushes & Makeup Sponges - 100% Safe


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Premium Costume Makeup Kit includes: 12 Vibrant Colors, 2 Shinny Glitters, 2 Handy Triangle Sponges, 2 Professional Brushes.
Each vibrant color comes in an individual jar with a screw-on cap (no more mess), plus our "gorgeous" carry case (Granted... it will make your friends jealous) make this set one of a kind. Black, red & white paint come in 10g jars, the rest are 3g jars.
NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. In the unprecedented event you're not happy with this product, at any time, just contact our store and we'll issue a prompt refund.
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Amazing set!

I love everything about this set. I bought it to paint my kids faces mainly when we visit our local theme park. They always beg for face paint in the park, and this set costs less than one face! I am loving the watercolor like feel of the paint. Since you add water, I feel like it will last longer since it can't "dry out" and ruin. This has many color options and a little place to mix colors if you want to. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Perfect for even not-a-professional

Firat let me say I'm not a professional, in fact I dont even wear make up most days and can't draw on eyeliner to save my own life. I was somehow voted to do free face painting for a community fall festival, with all my zero experience. I purchased this kit and only got to practice once before the big day. I must say I didnt get any artistic talent out of the box, but these paints made my life so easy! It was windy and freezing out and they glided on BEAUTIFULLY and by the end of the day I didnt see a single kiddo with a cracked or cakey face. The colors were gorgeous and the glitter added that little extra something to my painted faces. I loved it so much I offer to do it for all my friends kids parties. I'm sure if I had purchased poor quality paints I would have thrown them out and never thought twice, but the quality is amazing and made me want to keep doing it!

Ashley C.
Great for large parties

I love using this product. It’s quick, convenient, and is excellent quality. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to have any sort of success in face painting.